The Pearson Pregnancy - May

This month's web hangouts:

Conceived Dec 3, 1997
Due August 27, 1998
Labor August 29-31
Born August 31, 1998

Everyone is asking me lately how I'm feeling. Well, overall I'm feeling pretty good. There are the "normal" pains of pregnancy - the pain in the butt from sitting too long, that first painful step out of bed in the morning (when the balls of my feet ache), the leg cramps and full bladder that wake me up at 3 AM if I'm not careful, the pain in my ribs from the baby saying "Mommy, slow down" on my most active days, and of course that hunger that keeps cropping up every couple hours. But feeling the baby moving around inside of me - even if s/he's only kicking at my bladder - reminds me that all of these little aches and pains are for a good purpose - to bring a brand new little life into the world. And I smile. I really do enjoy being pregnant, even if I may be eating those words in a couple months when the heat of summer really kicks in!

I can hardly believe it's May already! Month #6! This is a big and busy month. We travelled down to Atlanta, GA, on the 7th and 8th for a job interview for Joe. Things went well, and he has received and accepted an offer. We are planning our move for the last week in May. So along with all the normal stress associated with moving, I get to deal with the added stress of finding a new Dr (or midwife?) in the middle of my pregnancy, making sure I stay hydrated to avoid contractions and pre-term labor, and discovering a childbirth class in the new area. It will certainly be very interesting! Don't be surprised if you don't see a "June" page on this site at the beginning of June. I expect to get it up by mid-June at the latest.

In the meantime I had my last regular OB appointment in PA on the 12th. The doctor measured my tummy and listened for the baby's heartbeat - it was 141 at first, and then jumped to 158 while we listened and talked! At this visit, I also got to drink that lovely carbonated syrupy drink - which tasted like Sprite syrup with lots of carbonation - and have 2 tubes of blood drawn an hour later. This was the routine screening for gestational diabetes. Thankfully, the results were acceptable and I did not have to go back in for the 3 hour test. Still, I'm trying to be careful about eating lots of sweets, especially since my weight seems to be soaring to new heights! And I'm also trying to exercise a few days each week - not hard with all the activity from getting things ready to move.

The final weeks of May ended up being very busy. On the 19th, movers came to give us an estimate on the cost of our move. After a few days of organizing and packing what I could, we traveled to Atlanta for our househunting trip from the 23rd to 26th. My friend and neighbor Becky has been trying desperately to figure out how to fit a baby shower into my plans and we enjoyed that event on the 27th. The movers packed all our stuff on the 28th, and they loaded the truck on the 29th. We traveled to Maryland for a final visit to my folks and the first leg of our drive to Atlanta on the evening of the 29th. On the 30th, we drove to Charlotte, NC, and we arrived at our new home in Marietta on the 31st. Joe's job started June 1, and the movers arrived with our things on the 3rd of June. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers that saw us through this move.

I have now reached the 3rd trimester...and am fast approaching the stifling heat of summer - in "Hotlanta." Believe me, I'm living for air conditioning! (I'm just feel bad for Joe, having to put up with the cool indoor "weather" when he comes home!)

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