The Pearson Pregnancy - "I love being pregnant because..."

Conceived Dec 3, 1997
Due August 27, 1998
Labor August 29-31
Born August 31, 1998

This page is compiled primarily from the ParentsPlace August 1998 Expecting Board. If you're struggling with morning sickness or reminiscing about being pregnant, I hope this page helps lift your spirit like it lifts mine. And if you would like to add your 2 cents worth (or more), please send me email!

I love being pregnant because...
  1. Every time I think of that amazing miracle of a baby growing inside of me, I get teary-eyed!
  2. My husband really likes to see me pregnant (change of scenery, I guess)!!
  3. No one gives me a hard time about not drinking alcohol (I never drank before, but always had to listen to "come on, have a drink").
  4. I have an excuse for being tired, and lazy sometimes!!!
  5. I think it's cute as can be that my son thinks he has a baby in his tummy, and tells me about it all the time!
  6. I can justify eating all the time, or not eating anything!
  7. I get to talk to all you ladies on this board!
  8. My sister is pregnant too, and we can go through this all together!
  9. My cravings are for food I don't noramlly eat too much of, and so now I do!
  10. We tried so hard to be pregnant, I just thank the Lord every day that we are! -from Joan (aka floralmom), due 8/27/98

Things I love about being pregnant:
#1--the end result, our precious babies! #2--remember the intense excitement you felt when you first saw "the line" saying you were pregnant--what joy! #3--shopping for hours in the baby section #4--anticipation of boy, or girl #5--first ultrasound/sound of heartbeat #6--20 week ultrasound, my son sucking his thumb #7--baby hiccups! #8--baby showers and all of the adorable, tiny clothes! #9--the ride to the hospital in labor--what excitement and anticipation! #10--when that epidural finally kicks in..... #11--when doctor says, "you are 10 centimeters, time to push!" #12--when husband says, "I can see the head!" #13--when someone says, "here s/he is!" what a sense of intense emotion and accomplishment! -from randgmom

Things I love about being pregnant:
  1. Laying on the couch at night playing "Name that bump."
  2. Curling up at night and having "it" push against your hand.
  3. Lamaze class.
  4. Your first pair of maternity underwear :^)
  5. The anticipation between "O" and I swear I know I'm "+".
  6. Little children who want to talk and touch the baby while it is in my tummy. (I too have a three year old.)
  7. The first time Daddy is called Daddy.
  8. When the Doctor says "Mom, he's a beuatiful baby boy."
  9. Taking a bath and watching somersaults.
  10. Sonogram pictures on video tape.
  11. Monthly fetal heart rate monitor checks.
  12. The end of looking fat, and looking "expecting". Some of these things I remember with anticipiation from my first pregnancy, and thinking back on them made me almost cry. from Tam (aka tamara27)

Things I love about being pregnant:

  • the kinship with other pregnant women
  • waiting to discover a whole new human being
  • the anticipation of what it's like not to feel sick every day!
  • the miracle that's occuring inside of you
  • the ultra sound with the tiny heartbeat
  • taking a l-o-n-g vacation from my career!
  • This is my first pregnancy, so I can only imagine how excited I'll be with the first kick and the actual birth. Hurry up August!!! -from Courtney (aka oceanmist) due 8/20/98

    I love being pregnant because...
    There is someone who will make a grand appearance this year that is a part of me and my husband...we will have something to carry little body (not for long) is growing a human being, what a powerful feature...I can do something my hubby can't, even if he wanted too!...I will be a mommy...Some little person will depend on me for everything...Some little person ALREADY depends on me for everything!...We get to buy little clothes that won't even fit my cat...My mom will be a grandma...I can get big and fat and no has any right to say anything...I get to go to bed early without feeling guilty...I will get to have a little person fall asleep in my arms...I will be unconditionally loved!! -from Liza (aka dazag), due 8/11/98

    I love being pregnant because...
    1. I have always wanted a child of my own.
    2. It is the reason God brought DH and me together.
    3. A child is the greatest gift I could give my DH, and myself.
    4. The anticipation of seeing the shape of my child's face, the color of my child's eyes, and each and every toe and finger....
    5. Even on the VERY WORST days, I love being pregnant! -from Michelle (aka kennedymom), due 8/23/98

    I love being pregnant because...

  • I love all the attention I'm getting from my husband, family, and friends. Everyone watches out for you and you don't have to lift a finger!
  • I love the way it has brought me and my husband closer together. We have this special bond between us now.
  • I love this little person inside of me growing. I can't wait to meet him/her.
  • I love being able to share my thoughts and concerns with other ladies going through the same thing I'm going through.
  • I love the new name I will be called "Mommy"
  • I love this challenge I've been given to raise my very own child that was created from the love of me and my husband.
  • I love the present I will be receiving in August when I finally get to hold this precious being that I've worked so hard to make.
  • I LOVE BEING PREGNANT!!! -from Brynn (aka brynn1) due 8/3/98

    I love being pregnant because...

  • It's great to walk around the house and talk to my baby, and people don't think I'm crazy :-)
  • It's been fun to eat out dinners since I can't stand to touch food
  • I enjoy laying in front of the fireplace, relaxing and having my husband ask, "Do you need anything?"
  • I live in Minnesota, and I love not having to shovel!
  • I love knowing that our baby is loved so very much
  • And, last, I love the feeling of never being alone -from Stacy (aka aveda), due 8/13/98

    Things I love about being pregnant:
    1. Realizing it can happen to me, too.
    2. Getting to see the expression on my father's face as he opened his last Christmas gift this year from DH and I and saw that he was gonna get the first item on his Christmas List (grandkids). (And hearing my mother scream at the same time)
    3. The fact that this whole experience, while intensely personal, is also very public, and how that makes the world look at you, and you look at the world.
    4. My DH talking to my belly before we go to bed, and saying things like, "hurry up, baby!"
    5. And most of all... I love being pregnant because of our baby. -from Brenna (aka lexine), due 8/4/98

    My main source of joy about being pregnant is thinking about my husband and what a wonderful father he will be. I hope my baby is just like him! from Natalie (aka natmorris)

    I love being pregnant because it has made me much more of a better person-i let people in front of me in traffic. i cry at movies and commercials. I almost never cuss (afraid the baby will here me). Quit smoking. I look at children in a totally different light. I rub my tummy all the time and talk to it... I love the way my husband looks at me and my growing tummy in amazement. For the first time in my life i feel really beautiful and important. I love the way my dogs lay their heads on my tummy as if they know their is a baby inside me. from liz20

    I too love to be pregnant. Not because of the shopping, even though it is fun, and most of the other reasons the rest of you listed. I love being pregnant because at night, I just lie there and concentrate on the baby. It is almost like meditating. For the one time in my life, I get to give love, and feel that I get it back without all of the complications that reality brings. Those of you with children already probably know what I am talking about. You love your children, but sometimes, when they are having a rough day, you can lose sight of how much they really truly mean to you. This time around is extra special as well, because just when I am about to pull my hair out from frustration, my very willful little son curls up with his hand on my belly and tells me he can hear "our" baby. Then it all comes rushing back to me, and the problems I have had, and my husband has had, and my son has had that day do not seem important anymore. Being pregnant reminds me that there is just so much more in life beyond work, beyond petty differences. There are things we do not know, and yet they touch is in extraordinary ways. And that is why I love being pregnant. Because I know that if I look for them, there will be other times as peaceful and sweet. (Like when the baby falls asleep while you are breastfeeding. Yeah, at first all you can think about is getting back to bed, but then you just sit there and stare at your child, warm and asleep in your arms, and you know that just as rest time was a cherished moment while the baby was still in utero- that is when you can feel it best- it will continue to be a source of peace in all of the years to come, a time when you are reminded by the smile that slips across your infant, toddlers, preschoolers etc. face what life is all about-THE CHANCE TO LOVE AND BE LOVED. -from davetara

    I love being pregnant because God has blessed me and my husband with a tiny little miracle, one of life's greatest things. I love being pregnant now because last time around I had too many fears of the unknown to relax and enjoy. I love being pregnant because I did get to hold my baby in my arms (even though he had passed away)and I was overcome with the most powerful and amazing feeling I have ever experienced before. I love being pregnant because I so look forward to getting big, wearing maternity clothes, and being pampered by my hubby. I love being pregnant because of my wonderful, loving step children. I love being pregnant because hopefully, I'll be able to give my mother the grandchild she's wanted for years. I love being pregnant because I look forward to the first kick, the first smile, the first step... I look forward to falling in love. I could keep on and on...-from JennJo

    I love being pregnant because...
    This baby is a special creation of God, and I feel humbled that He chose me to be it's mother.... It is mind-boggling that there is a tiny miniture person inside me right now who depends on ME for it's existence-what a miracle that another human being is growing inside me.... I love to look at my "A Child is Born" book and try to imagine what my baby looks like and what it is doing right now.... This baby is part of my husband and me-an expression of our love.... This baby will be the first grandchild for everyone and I can't wait to see all the grandparents, aunts & uncles..... I love being able to not vacuum or do the dishes and not have to feel guilty about it (LOL)!!! I love the special attention, concern and excitement from family members and friends... I love planning for this child, picking things out, dreaming about the future, etc.... I feel even closer to my husband when I think of us "parenting" together.... I can't wait to see my husband as a "daddy"-he will be so wonderful, because he wants to be so much different than his parents were..... I love to see how excited my husband is, how he puts his hand or ear on my tummy every night to "check things out"... I could go on all night, but these are some of the things I love about being pregnant! -from Kara (aka karah) due 8/4/98

    I love being pregnant because...

  • I love daydreaming in the rocking chair in baby's room
  • I love when my husband draws a little smiley face on my belly
  • I love when my 2 1/2 year old son tells me when we play in his room that I can lay down in his bed to rest because there's a baby in my belly
  • I love feeling closer to my mom, because I know that she went through all of this for ME!
  • I love that my husband doesn't mind having cereal for dinner
  • I love coming up with lists of names
  • I love feeling the baby move inside me
  • I love knowing that my son will have a friend for life
  • I love hoping that my son will feel the same way about his sibling(s) that I feel about mine
  • I love that perfect strangers are much nicer to me!
  • I love the anticipation of what my baby will be like, and how he or she will change our family
  • I love the way my husband is extra concerned about me
  • I love that my sister wants to hear every little detail about my pregnancy, no matter how boring
  • I love thinking about the days in July, August, and September when the posts on this board will all be about our babies being born!
  • I love the support I get from all of you RHJBs (Red Hot Jelly Bellies)! -from Suzanne (aka goblue), due 8/28/98

    I love being pregnant because...
    1- my relationship with my DH has grown even closer since I called him in to the bathroom to stare at that line with me on the HPT back in Nov.! 2- My college friends used to tease me and call me "Momma" b/c I was mothering and always watching out for everyone, and now the joke is on them, b/c I'm actually going to be someone's mother! And when they found out I was pregnant, they said they couldn't imagine someone that would be a better mom than me... (I'm getting goose bumps!) 3- I hope and pray that this child will make a name for himself in this world in the next century and leave this world a better place. We all wish that, don't we? 4- the wonderful way it feels to say with such enthusiasm.... "I am pregnant!!" 5- I am realizing that we can't be as selfish as we were when it was just the 2 of us, and we are more than ok with that! 6- Looking forward to all the firsts with such anticipation... first kick, first cry, first smile, first word,etc. 7- Knowing that being pregnant and becoming parents will forever change our lives... and we can't wait!! -from Casey (aka kstrun), due 8/3/98

    I love being pregnant...

  • because I feel honored that God would allow me to be so responsible for another human being. That I'm trusted once again to be a mom.
  • I'm enjoying the cravings and am an eating machine.
  • I love watching my 12 and 14 year olds get excited about a baby brother or sister (depending on which one of them you ask), when they are supposed to be at the selfish age.
  • I am amazed at how fast your hands are already constantly carressing the baby.
  • I am amazed that I didn't want or plan on another baby, and now how vitally important that she/he be born. I don't think God makes mistakes.
  • I just "love" the "cute" maternity clothes. (Nothing Fits)
  • I love being pregnant so I can be a member of this board. -from Robin (aka robaby), due 8/14/98

    I love being pregnant...
    Because I want to be the wonderful mom that my mom was/is to me. And because my husband tells me that from the moment he first saw me he knew he wanted me to be mommy to his/our babies. and because everynight before we fall asleep, dh and I sing our made up lullabuy...."We got a baby in our belly and we can't wait to see you , because we love you...." and because when i see little babies and moms and dads out and about I imagine how we will be when we have our little family. and because my little boy kitty comes up and lays on my belly and looks at me very seriously, sort of making sure that he'll still be my baby too.... And mostly because no matterif i'm throwing up or gagging,or burping, or peeing, what i think of mostly is how incredibly blessed we are, we all are that we have this miracle growing inside! Praise the Lord for all our blessings! -from sherry33

    So many of my dear friends have been trying to concieve and can't. I just feel so blessed and honored to have an opportunity to give one of the greatest gifts that I can. My body as a vehicle of life, and my unconditional love to my baby. It is amazing. -from Karyn88, due 8/8/98

    I love being pregnant...
    1. because it feels great! 2. because I love babies 3. because God has blessed me & my family 4. all the extra attention from everyone 5. shopping for all that "little" stuff 6. eating all the time & getting big w/o worry(at least not til later) 7. I can't wait to breastfeed again & " bond" with my baby - I love the thought that I can do something for my child that no one else can do 8. I love feeling the baby move & I can't wait til my other children can share that experience too. -from amy0803