The Pearson Pregnancy - So, what's Joe been doing?

Conceived Dec 3, 1997
Due August 27, 1998
Labor August 29-31
Born August 31, 1998

Joe was really hoping for our first kid to arrive before he reached 30. Well, this one was conceived a couple weeks after that. He'd also really like us to have somewhere around 6 kids. I, of course, am still undecided. I guess Joe knew he'd better do all he could to pamper me during this pregnancy so I'll be willing to go through all this a few more times! Here are some of the things he's done:

  • went with me to prenatal checkups even when he had to leave work early to do so.
  • went along to ultrasounds and even been more excited about them than I was!
  • scanned ultrasound images for me and even doctored some of them to show the heartbeat!
  • tells all the people he works with about the baby we're expecting. He also mentions it to all the people who call him trying to hire him away from where he used to work.
  • rubbed lotion on my body at night to help avoid stretch marks and itching.
  • massaged my shoulders and back.
  • puts his hand on my tummy a lot - especially when I put my hand there after I've noticed the baby kicking.
  • takes me out to eat more often since I don't always feel like cooking.
  • made an almost midnight run to Wendy's for chicken nuggets, and he even offered to drive 15 miles to Taco Bell for a Gordita when I had a craving for them late one night when we were already in bed.
  • drove me 30 miles to Long John Silvers when I had a craving for one of their Wraps - YUM!
  • carries the laundry from 2nd floor to basement to be washed and back up when it's all clean.
  • vacuumed the stairs so I wouldn't get totally worn out doing it.
  • went with me to a baby expo, Toys 'R Us, and Burlington Coat Factory to look at baby stuff even before we started to buy things.
  • says goodbye to the baby every morning before he goes to work (right after he gives me our usual big hug/kiss with me standing on a step to make up for the height difference). Kissed my tummy goodbye too!
  • bought me some real nice maternity dresses, and jeans.
  • attended Bradley childbirth classes with me to learn how he could help me during labor.
  • encouraged me to get to know people in the Atlanta area when we moved in June.
  • helped me survive the pain of labor without resorting to drugs for relief.
  • had the wisdom to know when we truly needed to rely on a surgical procedure to have a healthy baby.
  • helped me recover from my c-section.
  • fed Rebekah when I was too weak and numb to do it myself.
  • listened sympathetically to the nightmares I had while in the hospital.
  • was an understanding husband/father when Rebekah and I were having trouble with nursing...went with us to see lactation consultants.
  • calms Rebekah when I'm at my wit's end from trying to end her crying.

I could go on and on. I guess what I like the most is talking with Joe about our hopes and dreams for the future - and especially this baby. I'm so blessed to have a husband who cares so much about me and wants to be there for me every step of the way. Overall, he's been real supportive and excited about the baby. We've looked forward to working together for the best possible birth for this baby. We are both so happy that he was able to help me deal with the pain of labor without resorting to drugs. Even though labor didn't go as either of us expected, we're glad to have shared the experience and to have a healthy baby. And Joe's really is a super Daddy!

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