Be a Missionary Now

You expressed a desire to become involved in missions now where you are. This is very important in preparation for missions because the best missionary here will be the best missionary overseas. What kind of activities do you see yourself doing as a missionary? Find ways to develop those skills in ministry here. Talk to your pastor or other spiritual mentor about ways you can serve as a missionary. If your desire is to work with kids, for example, you might want to help out with Sunday School or kids clubs. You might find that your best first move is taking more of a leadership role in youth group, Campus Life, Young Life, or other activities your involved in now. Do research. Find out what opportunities are out there to help you be a good missionary here. Be a personal evangelist--don't hide your faith altogether, but it does not have to be the basis for every friendship. Make sure you have some non-Christian friends and that you're a real human Christian example to them. Love them and share your faith with them through your actions...and then through your words when they start asking why you do certain things.