Unchecked distribution of child pornography, manipulation of innocent young minds by anarchists and neo-Nazis, open discussion of bomb-making techniques among fundamentalist militia members--many people perceive the Internet as being a haven for these types of activities. Christians may wonder if anything good can come out of this "Nazareth." What are missions organizations doing on the Internet? How does Cyberspace meet the needs of such agencies and churches in a better way than other existing tools and resources do? This paper addresses these questions.

Many ministry resources have already become part of this network. Christian college viewbooks, magazines and devotionals, and even missionary newsletters are freely distributed. Unlike past methods ministries have used to share information, the Internet is unique in that it encourages users to respond immediately. This paper is divided into sections focusing on: what tools are available, how they can be helpful to mission staff and administrators, what uses they may have to missionaries preparing to go abroad, what practical purposes they serve for missionaries on the field, and concluding with an honest look at the value of utilizing the internet.