September 13

This was Rebekah's first Sunday in church, and our first Sunday at this particular church, which is brand new. Rebekah wore her first dress for the occasion. She slept right through the singing but woke up crying as the sermon was beginning. I tried to feed her there, but she didn't seem to want the bottle. I took her out of the service to calm her down and ended up in the nursery. When I saw how organized and clean everything was, and how wonderful the ladies were, I felt comfortable enough to leave her there. For the next 30 minutes, I was on pins and needles wondering how she was doing, and as soon as the sermon was over, I slipped back out to the nursery. She was contentedly taking the bottle from one of the ladies there. I switched places with the lady and continued to feed Rebekah until Joe arrived with her carseat when the service was over. We really hadn't planned to put Rebekah in the nursery since she was so young, but I think it turned out to be the best decision.

Rebekah is now deciding when she wants to nurse, usually in evening. Tonight she nursed for 50 minutes! I'm beginning to feel lonely and bored while feeding her because it seems to take so long!

We gave Rebekah her first sponge bath tonight, and she cried through the whole thing, though she was happy to be wrapped up in the hooded towel "Grandma" had given her and have some milk afterwards.